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Use an Interactive Whiteboard in Your Home Education Program

Parents are increasingly turning to interactive whiteboards in their homes, just as schools have for years. If you’re thinking about

7 Best Student Life Web Series or Movies

7 Time Management Tips for Students

7 Cool Tools You Didn’t Know!

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What is Auditory processing disorder ?

Auditory processing disorder (APD) An auditory processing disorder (APD) or central auditory processing disorder (CAPD) affects how sound is processed

10 Life Skills

Social-emotional learning (SEL)

Become a Multitasking Genius


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6 Smartboard Games for Montessori Students

Interactive whiteboards are now a common sight in schools as education technology improves. Smartboard games also make it easier than

Top 10 cramming techniques

A list of five online tool


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Online Courses vs Degrees

Differences between online courses and degrees: There are many differences between online courses and degrees. Some are pros, some are

List of 10 ways

How to Use Google Keep?


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Lecture notes

Lecture notes: Lecture notes provide a way to document and reflect on part of the learning process. They help the student compare what is being learned with previous knowledge, and can also serve as a

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Students create their content

Students create their content: It has become so much easier for students to create their content.  These tools have been built up from this generation of students being familiar. With the iPad, iPhone, and iPod



Undergraduates: Everyone has their opinion on what the best undergraduate degrees are. Some people think that a STEM degree will stand out more than anything, while other people believe humanities degrees to be superior. However,