Apps That Can Be Integrated With Google Classroom

 Apps That Can Be Integrated With Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an app that collaborates with Google, allowing you to manage your child’s education through their school. Yes! Google has a reputation for opening its programs to third-party applications, and Google Classroom is no exception.

I’ve collected a list of 85+ Apps That Work with Google Classroom, making it easier to develop lessons and announcements with your favorite software.

Google Classroom

Use this list to look for applications that you may be presently using or new ones that will allow you to share classes effortlessly with Google Classroom.

Google Classroom Add-ons and Extensions that Are Fun, Easy to Use, and Useful.

Google Classroom supports hundreds of educational apps. These connections save teachers and pupils time by making it simple to exchange information between Classroom and their preferred applications.

Use the list to look for new apps that may be used to share information with Google Classroom easily.

Actively Learn

Actively Learn can also be integrated with Google Classroom. Teachers may quickly connect Classroom rosters to Actively Learn and send assignments and grades back to Google Classroom using Actively Learn.

Additio App

Additio is a productivity package for schoolteachers to maintain track of their time and stay organized. It includes several practical applications, such as a robust grade book and a comprehensive lesson planner.


Teachers may link their Aeries classes to or create new Classroom lessons based on them, and they may also submit grades into the Aeries grade book.


With this connection, Aladdin’s classes may be used to generate Classroom lessons automatically. Compatible applications include Google Forms and Breaktimizer.


The University of Utah’s Alma, the first Student Information System to connect directly with Google Classroom, is now available. Teachers can now sync assignments and grades and batch creates and manages Google Classroom classes across schools and districts using this integration.

Actively Learn

Actively Learn links seamlessly with Google Classroom. Teachers may connect their Classroom rosters to Actively Learn and sync Actively Learn tasks and grades to Google Classroom.

Additio App

The Additio App is a productivity package for teachers to stay organized and contact students and families more efficiently. It includes several useful features, such as a robust grade book and a comprehensive lesson planner.


Teachers may use the Aeries grade book to track students’ progress towards their goals, and they can create new Classroom classes based on their existing Aeries lessons. Scores might be imported into the Aeries grade book from this interface.


This connection allows Aladdin to generate Classroom lessons based on existing classes in Aladdin automatically. Assignments and grades may be synchronized between Aladdin and Classroom as well.


The University of Utah’s Alma, the first Student Information System to connect directly with Google Classroom, is now available. Thanks to this integration, teachers can now synchronize tasks, and grades and create and manage Google Classroom classes across schools and districts.

American Museum of Natural History

American Museum which is Natural History has a variety of educational K-12 programs and resources. Use the Share to Classroom link to share pertinent articles, curriculum, and other resources with your class.


With all of these features, you’ll be able to monitor and manage your Classroom with ease. Students will be better equipped to keep themselves safe academically and digitally.


ASSISTments is a free, online math platform that allows teachers to assign homework from their curriculum and monitor student progress in the Classroom or remotely. Students get immediate feedback as they work on tasks within ASSISTments, and educators receive actionable data that they may use to focus instructional time where it’s most needed.


Automate the operations you do outside of class! Bakpax utilizes AI to grade assignments in seconds and convert content to digital. Save time and provide immediate feedback by automating routine tasks.


BookWidgets has templates for interactive exercises to help you get your course started. Teachers may choose from more than 40 different widgets and templates to engage students, including dynamic games, custom quizzes, and assessments that fit their curriculum.


My BrainPOP teachers can immediately import their classes from Google Classroom into My BrainPOP by using BrainPOP. Student SSO-ready accounts are generated automatically when a teacher imports a class, allowing students to access BrainPOP via the Google launch menu.


Make your assignment, note, class reminder, activity, or project in Google Classroom and share it with the kids in your Google Classroom. It’s an interactive classroom tool for students and instructors to develop meaningful content that enables children of all ages to visualize ideas and communicate creatively. Construct your homework, notice, class reminder, and task, and share it with the students.


MathXpert is a marvelous tool that allows you to create various math problems.



CodingHS is a comprehensive computer science learning platform for schools. We provide a web-based curriculum, teacher tools and resources, and professional development.

Teachers may create a class in Classcraft and connect it to Google Classroom in a single click, pulling rosters from Google Classroom and provisioning accounts in the same step. Using this integration, teachers can give students points for turning in assignments on time and convert their classroom results into game points.


CurrikiStudio is a Flash authoring tool that allows content producers to quickly create engaging learning material for today’s learners without requiring any code.


Students in grades 6-12 can use data and math in science and engineering to create publishable graphs of data in seconds, perform positive hypothesis tests, and engage with real-world issues.


This collection of engaging math exercises is entirely free for you and your pupils.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education develops award-winning digital content and professional development to ignite student interest and encourage teachers to think outside the box.

Dogo News

DOGO Media is an online network that helps kids learn about digital media safely, in a fun and social way. Our websites have swiftly evolved into a community of children and educators discussing events, books, and films constructively all around the world. Millions of students and instructors from all over the world use our networks to engage.

Drawp for School

Ready-to-use free lesson plans are available, or students may use voice, text, art, and well-proven bilingual scaffolds to engage with subject material.


Dreamscape’s adaptive literacy platform allows teachers to assess and track students’ progress in reading through syncing ARKit with Google Classroom, Paralenz for Windows 10, Apple Pencil, and more.


Teachers and, in fact, entire governments around the world value Duolingo as the ideal blended learning companion for their language classes. Duolingo lessons provide each student with personalized feedback and practice to help them get the most out of class time.


Teachers may use Edcite to import their Google Classroom class lists, then distribute Edcite tasks to students in Classroom. Students who access these assignments are immediately authenticated into their Edcite accounts using single sign-on.


Make a class video. Choose a video, add your unique touch, and monitor students’ comprehension. Teachers may automatically import all Classroom courses and pupils when they join, thanks to the EDpuzzle connection.


As you can see, Google Classroom may be used in a variety of ways to connect it with other educational platforms and tools. This gives you a lot of flexibility in using Classroom and lets you customize it to best fit your needs.