10 Life Skills

10 Life Skills: Everyone should learn these 10 life skills, everyone has different priorities and whatnot when it comes to such things so you might not agree with all of them but I feel like …

10 Life Skills:

Everyone should learn these 10 life skills, everyone has different priorities and whatnot when it comes to such things so you might not agree with all of them but I feel like they are the most important ones. Some of them seem obvious but some people never learned them and want to change that with this article. So here we go:

Life Skills

How to care for yourself

Everyone should know how to take care of themselves and not live like a vegetable. When I say taking care of yourself, this can be anything from cleaning and cooking food (basic hygiene) to exercising regularly and eating healthy foods that give your body the nutrients it needs.

Learning self-care is a great investment into your future and a skill that is often overlooked.

How to keep money in an emergency

This skill should be learned from early childhood. It isn’t something taught at school so maybe you had parents who were able to teach you this? In any case, it’s pretty self-explanatory. You should learn where to keep your money and what the best way is to do so.

Also, you should have a basic understanding of how banks work and credit cards as well as other sources of borrowing money from. Most people should know this by now but some don’t which is often problematic when emergencies happen (I’m looking at you, people who are still using cash).

How to cook

The ability to feed yourself is a basic life skill. Don’t need to explain why you should learn this, do I? Eating junk food every day isn’t good for anyone and if you’re not lucky enough to have parents or somebody else cook for you then it might be a good idea to learn how to cook yourself.

It’s not that hard, you don’t need cooking classes or anything like that. Just learn the basics and experiment with foods you like.

How to socialize​

Everyone should know how to handle themselves in group conversations because this is the way we interact with people daily. Don’t know about you but I hate awkward silences and it often happens when I try to talk with people who never learned the art of talking.

It’s not that hard, just be friendly and ask questions now and. Then so the other person feels like they’re being heard.

How to properly apologize

Saying sorry isn’t exactly the hardest thing in the world but not everyone does it properly. You should learn how to apologize for things that are your fault because it will make you appear more mature and respectable regardless of whether or not you meant it.

You need to be able to put yourself in the other person’s shoes when saying sorry and not just do it to get the other person off your back. Sorry for the long explanation, I guess it’s more of a skill than anything else.

How to listen and empathize with others​

Listening and empathizing is probably one of the most important life skills you can learn (in my opinion) and something that is often overlooked. When you listen to other people, they feel acknowledged and think of you as a caring person which will make them want to talk with you more often.

How to cook even if you’re living on your own​

 Put this one before the cooking part because this isn’t something taught at school. Learning how to cook without parents is fairly easy but. I’ve noticed that some people think they can just eat everything raw if they’re living alone.

If you’re one of these people, please stop it because eating only junk food isn’t healthy and not all vegetables have to be eaten raw.

How to deal with drunk people

Drunk people are a lot harder to handle than you might think. I’ve seen a situation where a drunk guy tried to kiss my friend and she was uncomfortable about it but he didn’t understand that. Just learn how to deal with drunk people in general because this will happen at some point in your life (if it hasn’t already) and you should know what to do.

How to get a new job

Okay, not saying that everyone has to be able to get a job on their own without any help but learning. How the world of work operates is pretty important for everybody because sooner or later. We will need to work to make money.

If you learn how it works, you will know what job suits you best and. How to present yourself in an interview.

How to deal with money​

This life skill is probably the most important one of them all because having enough money for your basic needs makes life a million times easier. Learning about saving money, spending responsibly, work wages.

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