Tips for Study

Tips to become a successful student 1) Get to know your teachers for study:     For most students, this is the first step towards success. Getting to know your teacher can help you learn their …

Tips to become a successful student

1) Get to know your teachers for study:

    For most students, this is the first step towards success. Getting to know your teacher can help you learn their pet peeves and how they like things done. When you are doing well in class, it is good for them to hear about it from you instead of always getting complaints or bad reports from other students. Also, they will be more willing to help you out when you do need tithe same goes for your classmates. Get to know them and form a friendship that a few of them may end up helping you greatly in the future with other subjects or even later on in life.

2) Take notes during class

This tends to be a hard one for a lot of students. Even if you have a very good memory, there is probably going to come a few times where you’d rather finish your homework instead of taking notes so you can go home and relax. But it is best not to let your energy levels run low during class as well as marking down important points and things you may need to know for the next class or homework assignment.

3) You can’t study all night long

    This one is very important because many students find themselves studying till 2 am and they feel bad when they fall asleep before finishing an assignment. It is best not to get too overworked during the night, as you’ll be more stressed and less awake during class. If you can’t finish an assignment at night, the first thing the next day is a good time to do it as well as doing anything on your own time.

4) Make learning fun for yourself      

Even if math isn’t your favorite subject, there’s always going to come a time in your life when you need to know it. So is there a way you can make learning this subject more fun for yourself? This is always an option if it comes down to not studying at all or finding something interesting in your schoolwork. It could even be playing a math puzzle game on the internet, or looking up how many people in the world speak your language. It’s all up to you what you think is fun and what’s not, but make sure it doesn’t become a big distraction from your studies.


5) Set reasonable goals for yourself      

In today’s society of getting straight as and scoring high marks on tests, it has been said that setting realistic goals for yourself can be just as important. If you set goals that are too high, then you’ll stress yourself out and your grades may come crashing down. So it would be very wise to look at what went well this marking period and use those as a base for next time.

6) Keep track of your assignments

    This should go hand in hand with number 3. It is important to keep track of the work you have been doing and what’s due for next time. In addition, it’s a great idea to look over your notes from class now and then just to make sure you know everything inside out before an exam or quiz.

7) Find a study buddy     

    A study buddy can help you tremendously because it’s always healthy to have somebody to work with. As well, they may give you some insight on what you didn’t understand in class or if something needs to be re-taught. So find somebody who is willing (a friend or even somebody in your class) and talk to them about doing school work together.      This may work even better if they’re in a different grade than you because then you’ll be able to learn from somebody who is more fluent in the subject like Math for example.

8) Take your time and tackle things one at a time for study

    As the Bible says “Never run faster than you have strength.” You can apply this to school work. If you start off running too fast then you may end up falling because there is just so much to do. Take your time with the work, because getting it done well instead of quickly usually gives better results.

9) Read over assignments carefully     

    This is often how mistakes are made. If you see a question that looks familiar, then go ahead and read it again. You may have missed something or forgotten to put the answer in the right place. Or maybe your teacher just made a mistake with the assignment, but either way, you should always take time to re-read it.

10) Make good use of your resources       

    In addition to reading over your assignments, you should also make good use of the resources available to you. This means going through your notes or textbook from class for extra information if needed. You can always ask a teacher or even fellow students for help and understanding as well. It may be embarrassing to admit that you don’t understand something, but by doing this you could end up saving yourself from a lot of stress.

11) Enjoy your school work    

    If it comes down to finding something to make your studies more enjoyable, then why not do what you like? This can be anything if it’s playing video games or drawing pictures. Make sure you don’t spend too much time on these things or else you may end up falling behind, but enjoy it if you can.

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